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Reading 10-21-09

October 21, 2009

I think that the trends for 2010 will be more social computing, because my space and all of the types of social computing are really popular. They would probably invent a more easier and better way to do that without going to myspace or facebook. Another trend that would probably catch on would be advance analytics. All the companies would try to get the advantage to produce more advertisements, so that would help them, if they knew what the costumer wants and show them where they could get them.


cloud computing is trying to get all the programs like power point and word without downloading and paying money for them.

advance analytics: advertising by reading and understanding what the costumers want by their e-mail to advertise the specific thing they need so they can buy it

client computing is monotoring what type of stuff your client needs and talk to them on the computer better. Make more programs with only clients

Green IT: it’s not just a matter of buying efficient computers, but also of using computers to increase the efficiency of other parts of the business

Reshaping the data center: is trying to advance the saving of new technology in your computer

Social computing: Social-networking applications, broadly defined, also should be on company radar screens. The technology can take the form of internal corporate social networks, interactions with customers, and use of public services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sensoring  activity Monitoring: You monitor will check the programs you will use to see if they will damage your computer and tells you if it is dangerous.

Flash memory: Is the saving of information in a easier way in which the computer will keep your documents in a safe place and will keep them completed and safely in a place where it is safe and impossible to lose.

Virtualization availability–not just in the broad sense of technology that lets a single computer run multiple operating systems simultaneously, where it’s become a fixture in data centers, but as a means to keep computing services up and running despite computer failures, said analyst Carl Claunch

Mobile applications: being able to carry smaller things and being able to take them everywhere with you. Like cell phones, and computers. They want to make them so that you can use them everywhere you go.


10-20-09 Laptops

October 20, 2009

If every student in the U. S had a laptop…

Then I think that they would do there homework more. They would have more access to anything and would probably use it in class and learn a lot more than what the teachers tell them. They would also probably be more responsible with it. It would be very useful since a lot of stuff are done by computers now. They could probably get things done faster instead of waiting for there turn on the computer in your house or going to the library to do it. It would really benefit the students, but would cost a lot of money to the government.

West Point Bridges 10-20-09

October 20, 2009

My two bridges are very different to each other. The first cheap one is a simple design which didn’t require many bars and had a nice cheap design that doesn’t need an expensive steel to let cars pass. It was made with carbon steel which is the cheapest steel on the program at $.42 per kg. I tried to use as less as possible and it cost me cheap. My expensive bridge, was big and required a lot of bars with a decoration on top. To make it more expensive I made it with quenched and tempered steel which was the most expensive at .70 per kg. and I made them really wide and big.

I do think they could be built depending on what design they want and how much money they have. Both of them are pretty stable, but not that much so they might want to make some modifications. Both of them could be built.

Powerpoint info. 10-13-09

October 13, 2009

Power Point is a visual method to give your audience listening cues.

10 important points of Power Point presentations

  1. Information in bullet points , Usually with complete sentences they have too many words and text is too small
  2. Contrast more than 50%
  3. Wide margins
  4. Use sandserif  type font
  5. Place important information on top or in the middle
  6. Text size has to be big 36-44 size
  7. Layout has to be the same for each slide
  8. Do not use fill effects, letters all one color
  9. Animation is too cute, don’t use it
  10. Handouts have to be made in every single presentation

Topic: Honey bees 10-9-09

October 9, 2009

Honey Bees in US facing Extinction

Statement 1: Experts are at a loss to explain the fall in honey bee populations in America.

Point 1: From 1971 to 2006 approximately one half of the US honey bee colonies have vanished.

Detail 1: Spain, hundreds of thousands of colonies have been lost and beekeepers in northern Croatia estimated that five million bees had died in just 48 hours this week. Greece, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal have also reported heavy losses.

Point 2:The depopulation of bees could have a huge impact on the environment.

Detail 2: If taken to the extreme, crops, fodder – and therefore livestock – could die off if there are no pollinating insects left.

Point 3: However, experts at the largest honey bee health company in the world, Vita, based in Basingstoke, said the cause was still unknown, and therefore neither was the cure.

Detail 3: Preliminary work has identified several likely factors that could be causing or contributing to CCD. Among them are mites and associated diseases, some unknown pathogenic disease and pesticide contamination or poisoning.”


“Bees are not only working for our welfare, they are also perfect indicators of the state of the environment. We should take note.”

bee 10-9-09

What would you do 10-8-09

October 8, 2009

If I had a computer class I would have it for one semester, because it would just end sooner. In my class we would learn to do something new on the computer every day, like BCIS, nice short assignments. We would learn to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, how to download games and other important icons. We would learn how to set up a appropriate power points, and reports.  Charts and graphs. ect. We could also possibly the jobs we could get in the computer field.

I would like to learn how to download music and how to get programs like power points, and excel. How to get cool screen savers.

On the web I would like to learn how to buy  stuff on the computer safely without getting ripped off.  How to decorate my blog too.

On the job, you will have to learn how to make charts and graphs, blogging as well. In the medical field you would probably have to make a chart of the growth of a person and record their history in a chart.  Keeping up with the money too, how to create a account.  Probably they should show us how to check our credit on the computer, and money.

Interpreting Charts 10-7-09

October 7, 2009

Chart for Jan 9-12: by the graphs you see the sales seemed to increase during Jan. 10 for Aron

Kim made the most sales out of the whole week in Jan 9

Chart for Jan 16-19: by the graph  you see  a decrease in sales during Jan 18 for everyone.

All sales increased the next day on Jan 19.

Chart for Jan 22-26: Sales increased on Jan 23 for Cameron

Cameron made the most money in the whole week

Chart for Jan 30-Feb 1 : Cameron made the most sales the whole week again

All sales increased Feb. 2

Chart for all: The most money made was in Jan 24 by Cameron

The greatest decrease was made in Jan 18 and 25

Chart for daily totals: Jan 22 was the greatest decrease in sales.

The graph shows a zigzag pattern that signifies money decreasing and increasing constantly. At Feb. 2 the sales increase the most.