Interpreting Charts 10-7-09

Chart for Jan 9-12: by the graphs you see the sales seemed to increase during Jan. 10 for Aron

Kim made the most sales out of the whole week in Jan 9

Chart for Jan 16-19: by the graph  you see  a decrease in sales during Jan 18 for everyone.

All sales increased the next day on Jan 19.

Chart for Jan 22-26: Sales increased on Jan 23 for Cameron

Cameron made the most money in the whole week

Chart for Jan 30-Feb 1 : Cameron made the most sales the whole week again

All sales increased Feb. 2

Chart for all: The most money made was in Jan 24 by Cameron

The greatest decrease was made in Jan 18 and 25

Chart for daily totals: Jan 22 was the greatest decrease in sales.

The graph shows a zigzag pattern that signifies money decreasing and increasing constantly. At Feb. 2 the sales increase the most.


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