What would you do 10-8-09

If I had a computer class I would have it for one semester, because it would just end sooner. In my class we would learn to do something new on the computer every day, like BCIS, nice short assignments. We would learn to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, how to download games and other important icons. We would learn how to set up a appropriate power points, and reports.  Charts and graphs. ect. We could also possibly the jobs we could get in the computer field.

I would like to learn how to download music and how to get programs like power points, and excel. How to get cool screen savers.

On the web I would like to learn how to buy  stuff on the computer safely without getting ripped off.  How to decorate my blog too.

On the job, you will have to learn how to make charts and graphs, blogging as well. In the medical field you would probably have to make a chart of the growth of a person and record their history in a chart.  Keeping up with the money too, how to create a account.  Probably they should show us how to check our credit on the computer, and money.


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