Topic: Honey bees 10-9-09

Honey Bees in US facing Extinction

Statement 1: Experts are at a loss to explain the fall in honey bee populations in America.

Point 1: From 1971 to 2006 approximately one half of the US honey bee colonies have vanished.

Detail 1: Spain, hundreds of thousands of colonies have been lost and beekeepers in northern Croatia estimated that five million bees had died in just 48 hours this week. Greece, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal have also reported heavy losses.

Point 2:The depopulation of bees could have a huge impact on the environment.

Detail 2: If taken to the extreme, crops, fodder – and therefore livestock – could die off if there are no pollinating insects left.

Point 3: However, experts at the largest honey bee health company in the world, Vita, based in Basingstoke, said the cause was still unknown, and therefore neither was the cure.

Detail 3: Preliminary work has identified several likely factors that could be causing or contributing to CCD. Among them are mites and associated diseases, some unknown pathogenic disease and pesticide contamination or poisoning.”


“Bees are not only working for our welfare, they are also perfect indicators of the state of the environment. We should take note.”

bee 10-9-09


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