Reading 10-21-09

I think that the trends for 2010 will be more social computing, because my space and all of the types of social computing are really popular. They would probably invent a more easier and better way to do that without going to myspace or facebook. Another trend that would probably catch on would be advance analytics. All the companies would try to get the advantage to produce more advertisements, so that would help them, if they knew what the costumer wants and show them where they could get them.


cloud computing is trying to get all the programs like power point and word without downloading and paying money for them.

advance analytics: advertising by reading and understanding what the costumers want by their e-mail to advertise the specific thing they need so they can buy it

client computing is monotoring what type of stuff your client needs and talk to them on the computer better. Make more programs with only clients

Green IT: it’s not just a matter of buying efficient computers, but also of using computers to increase the efficiency of other parts of the business

Reshaping the data center: is trying to advance the saving of new technology in your computer

Social computing: Social-networking applications, broadly defined, also should be on company radar screens. The technology can take the form of internal corporate social networks, interactions with customers, and use of public services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sensoring  activity Monitoring: You monitor will check the programs you will use to see if they will damage your computer and tells you if it is dangerous.

Flash memory: Is the saving of information in a easier way in which the computer will keep your documents in a safe place and will keep them completed and safely in a place where it is safe and impossible to lose.

Virtualization availability–not just in the broad sense of technology that lets a single computer run multiple operating systems simultaneously, where it’s become a fixture in data centers, but as a means to keep computing services up and running despite computer failures, said analyst Carl Claunch

Mobile applications: being able to carry smaller things and being able to take them everywhere with you. Like cell phones, and computers. They want to make them so that you can use them everywhere you go.


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