New Technology 1-26-09

Here it is folks, the Apple ipad. The screen is gorgeous, tilting is responsive, and the thing is super thin. It is like the iphone but changed. I think this will change the world by decreasing the reliability in computers, since they already have internet and it is easier to access it from the ipad. Like cell phones and normal home phones, now that you have a cell phone why do you need a house phone.

Google has finally managed to bypass the App Store and release Google iphone to the iPhone (and webOS, too) the same way it pulled off latitude, i.e. via a HTML5-based web app.

Apple’s been kicking around the idea of a tablet. From real, physical prototypes to out-there ideas such as the Knowledge Navigator — the company (who did not, alas, invent the idea of a tablet PC) has, somewhat unsurprisingly, seen fit to investigate the possibility for almost as long as it’s been around. It will make more programs accessible. apple tablet gadget


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