2-23-10 Future Transportation

1. What does the word “convergence” mean?

to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other

2. What is an Intelligent Transportation System?

The promise of vehicles communicating with each other and with the road, coupled with advancements in transportation infrastructure, has planners, technocrats and futurists creating an Intelligent Transportation System.

3. What does this mean? “The idea of ITS, at its most basic, is to connect every vehicle in a network of transportation users that instantly tracks and shares information.

What this means for the average commuter is quicker drive times by the way of more efficient traffic patterns and planned out routes created for you in real time.

4. What does it matter how much money different countries spend on “ITS research and development?”

They get better technology and more information.

5. What does “RFID” stand for?

Radio Frequency Identification system

6. What happens when we “put RFID chips on buses and subways?”

Put RFID chips on buses and subways, and the ramifications for mass transit are immense.

7. What happens “when vehicles connect with a larger transportation network?”

When vehicles connect with a larger transportation network, you get the possibility of redirecting vehicles by creating alternate routes when traffic or crashes occur and potentially change the timing of signals to meet changing conditions.

8. What will happen when “cars will be able to talk with one another to help avoid accidents and warn drivers of impending dangers from other vehicles before they happen?”

Fewer accidents.

9. What do you think roads and highways will look like when cars and roads can all share information about routes and accidents? Describe the roads and highways of the future.

Less traffic, fewer accidents and more people driving safely. People wouldn’t use their phones while driving which makes it safer.


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