Quiz 2-26-10

1.What do you click on to get directions for your destinations?

Get Directions

2.How do you move around in Google Maps?

You use the hand to move around

3.What does HTML stand for?

Hyper Text Markup Language

4.What is HTML?

the predominant markup language for web pages.

5.How much did China spend on the ITS?

$2.8 billion

6.What is being conducted by the U.S department of public Transportation?

Intell Drive

7.Why do you use search engines?

to find information on your topic

8.Name 3 search engines

Google, bing, yahoo

9.How do you trace a part of a picture you want to cut out of another picture?

You select it and use the live trace button, then erase the background

10. How do you get an outline of your picture?

You click on the outline preview


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