Taks Test???? 2-2-10

I don’t like the task test. It is a boring cruel and horrible test. I don’t think that it should determine whether or not someone should move from one grade to another or even whether or not you graduate, I think that is too much power for one single test. I don’t support test like the Task because some people might be good at work and might not be good at taking tests. It all depends on the person, and it is easier to make a mistake on the test because it gets you nervous because it holds your whole future so you can easily make a dumb obvious mistake.

Test we take, are valid because the way they make it, it basically determines our whole future. That’s why they make our finals about everything we have learned, but how do they expect us to remember that. It seems people are judging it on whether your smart or not, like the SAT. If you get a good score, than you get into the best colleges. They do seem valid, but they do not show how much you have learned because some things are easier to forget, and hard to remember in that instant.



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