Questions 4-7-10

1,What is a CPU? What does it do?

Central Processing Unit
carries out the instructions of a computer program

2.What is RAM? What does it do?

Random-access Memory

computer data storage

3. What is a heat sink? What does it do?

heat sink is an object that transfers thermal energy from a higher temperature to a lower temperature fluid medium.

4. What is an optical drive? What does it do?

It is a disc drive that uses laser lights and electro magnetic waves to read and write an optical disc.

5. What is a hard drive? What does it do?

non volatile device that stores digitally encoded data on magnetic surface.
6. What is a computer power supply? What does it do?

a component that supplies power to the other components in the computer.

7. What is a motherboard? What does it do?

It is the central printed surface board holds many crucial  components of the system providing connectors for other peripherals

8.What is a computer case? What does it do?

Is the enclosure that contains the main components of the computer.
9. What is a computer monitor? What does it do?

electronic visual display for computers. The monitor comprises the display device, circuity and an enclosure.

10.When your turn a computer monitor off, does it turn the computer off?

No cause your basically just turning off the monitor not the computer.

11.What is a keyboard? Is it an input or output device?

A keyboard is a device you use to type things on your computer. It’s an input device.

12.What is an optical mouse? What does it do?

pointing device you can use in your computer.

13.What is a DVD? How much data does it hold?

Digital Video Disc.; It holds 4.7GB

14.What is a CD? How much data does it hold?

Compact Disc.; Depends on the kind of CD as well.

15.What is a surge protector? What does it do? Why do you need one to plug in a computer?

is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes; Device separating the computer from the power source of the wall outlet

16.What is a computer network?

a network of computers

17.What is WiFi?

Wireless Fidelity

18.What is 3G?

Third Generation mobile and wireless communication

19. What is an LCD monitor? How does it work?
Liquid Crystal Display-Contrast ratio relates to the display’s comparative difference between its brightest white values and its darkest black values.
20.What is streaming audio?
21.What is streaming video?
are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider
22. Are you allowed to listen to streaming audio in this computer lab?no
23. Are you allowed to listen to streaming video in this computer lab?no
24.Are you supposed to play games on school computers?no
25. Are you supposed to visit MySpace or Facebook at school?no
26. What is a proxy?
connects one user through another, generally to authenticate through multiple tiers in a computer system.
27. Are you supposed to use proxies in school?no
28.What “game” site are you allowed to use in this lab? Learning games
29. What’s the easiest thing to try if your computer isn’t working right?ask the teacher

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